Club History

We are in the process of uploading and updating the club’s history from 1944 through to today. This will be an ongoing process and we will add more information as we go, so check back from time to time to see the additional material that has been added.


1944 – 1945 – The Beginning

The Uniontown Lions Club was chartered on October 25, 1944, sponsored by the Canton Lions Club. Lion George Warmouth of International assisted in the organization.

A Joint Charter Night Program was held on October 25, 1944 at the Colonial Inn (later called Legion Hall). The Greentown Lions Club was chartered the same night. Melvin Jones, the Secretary General of Lions International, presented the charters to both clubs.

The first regular meeting was held on November 8, 1944 with the sponsoring Canton Lions Club in attendance. The first service project took place on November 22, it was a war bond drive. I was followed by a ladies night Christmas party on December 20.

The first fund raising project took place on May 16 1945. It was an old fashioned box social with Lion Earl Schoner as auctioneer. The profit was $9370. The second project was collecting decks of cards that were sent to two veterans hospitals. The last service project was backing a street paving and lighting program. The year ended with a ladies night in April, and in May the club invited the senior class from Uniontown High School to a dinner meeting.

1945 – 1946
President – Joseph Switzer
Secretary – Harry Deardorff
Treasurer – Leslie Sunday
Membership – 27

As World War II drew to a close, the Uniontown Lions Club began its first full fiscal year with a family picnic, held in August or September and is a tradition that lives on to today.

Other club social events this year were a stag picnic; two Ladies Nights; and a Christmas party. The club also attended an Ohio State Football game, and a Minstrel  Show at Massillon Lions Club (perhaps getting a first taste of a major fund raising event, the Follies, still 12 years in the future).

The club was, however, primarily a service organization. New hats and coats were purchased for the Junior School Patrol. The Junior School Patrol boys served as crossing guards throughout the neighborhood of Uniontown  School, in the days when the majority of students walked to school.

The club also sponsored a softball team for children, the beginning of a long term commitment to baseball for community youth.  The club’s first recorded donation for youth softball was $3.09.

The club collected 750 pieces of clothing in a national drive, and for the first time they presented flowers to the local churches at Easter.

In March two members of the sponsoring Canton Lions Club attended a meeting and presented the club with a bell, gavel and road signs.