Lake School Baord Continues to debate “offensive” wording in the mission statement

By Erika Irwin
Lake TWP, Ohio —

The community spoke up again at this month’s Lake Local board of education meeting urging the board to fight the removal of the “offensive” wording in the mission statement.

Several community members addressed the board as well,  including one member of an atheist group.

“We had no plan of dishonesty. This is an honorable group. We will work to communicate better,”said Board member Dave Poling.

He said that he wants to push forward and would support adding the wording back into the mission statement. One person who addressed the board asked the community not to belittle the board, but to pray for them.

The Lake Local board of education accepted the retirement of Principal Jeff Durbin effective May 2.

Superintendent Jeff Wendorf said Durbin will be missed dearly and that he has touched a number of lives.  He said Durbin has been important to the success of the district. Board member Derrick Bailey referred to Durbin as “Mr. Lake” and added that he will be missed by the community.  The board wished Durbin well and said that he will still be coaching football for the Blue Streaks in the fall.

The board of education voted unanimously for an administrative contract to be non-renewed for R. Michael Daulbaugh.  Daulbaugh has currently been the RTI coordinator at Lake Local School Administrative Offices.

Several administrative contracts were  renewed by the board effective August 1, 2010- July 31, 2013.  Those included in the contracts were Bruce Brown, athletic director; Daniel Harold, Lake High School associate principal, Donna Brunner, Lake Elementary principal; John McAllister, director of instruction; David Lloyd, food services supervisor; Paula McGee, assistant Treasurer and Kevin Tobin, Lake High School principal.

Several supplemental contracts were approved to be issued pending proper certification.

The board of education approved for Bob Moffat, Lake Treasurer, to be responsible for all fundraising monies as well as funds for capital maintenance and repair and replacement for the YMCA Family Fitness Center and Field House. The membership for the YMCA is double of what it was projected to be, therefore the expansion is needed.

The Hartville and Uniontown Lion’s Club honored several students, a volunteer and a classified and certified employee.  Dave Rennels from Uniontown Lion’s Club presented the honorees with a plaque.

Kevin Tobin asked the board to endorse the application for recognition from the Ohio High School Athletic Association through the Harold A. Meyer Sportsmanship Award.  He said all of the Federal League schools will be presenting before their boards in the month of March.  The board endorsed the application.

Wendorf announced the POPS Hullabaloo/YMCA Healthy Kids Day will be held April 17, 2010 at 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the Lake Community Center.

The next board of education meeting will be Monday, April 19, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. at Lake Middle School in the large group instruction room. It is open to the public to attend. All of those who plan to speak must sign up prior to the start of the meeting.

Santa and the Wizard of Yo make the annual Uniontown Lions Christmas party a success

Club members enjoying the evening festivitiesThe 2008 Uniontown Lions Club Christmas party (photo album)was held last night at the Uniontown Community Park. The park and clubhouse was festively decorated with wreaths and Christmas lights and we were treated with Hors d’œuvre before the festivities.

Our Christmas party chairman, Bob Moffat was the evening’s emcee and had Lion Bud Bourn lead the club in a verse of “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer”.



Eric Monroe, The Wizard of Yo



After dinner the kids all ran to the front pf the club to secure their seats for the entertainment and course arrival of the big man. The evening entertainment was provided by the Wizard of Yo AKA Eric Monroe.

Eric began playing with a classic wooden Yo Yo at the age of twelve and said it was winning a playground competition that gave him the passion to keep throwing and eventually landed him a job with Sports Illustrated and Universal. Eric said one of his inspirations had been the Smothers Brothers who was responsible for at least one of the resurgences of the yo yo.



Eric showed several tricks and had the club joining in laughing and clapping along, even from the back of the room I could her my daughters and niece and nephew howling at various tricks like shoot the moon, which Eric nicknamed the black eye. Monroe finished by having Spot, his imaginary yo yo dog, jump into his pocket. Moffat then led the club in a chorus of Jungle Bells in usher in Santa Claus.

Lion Jim and Marlene Raker with SantaSanta visited with the children on his way up the front of the room and joked about sitting on one child’s lap.  As I looked across the room I saw wide-eyed gazes from all of the children, this was indeed the moment that they had been waiting for. The children waited for their names to be called and then went to the front to visit with Santa.

It was a great night for children and adults alike.




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