Lions Club Central continues to serve the community after 32 years

By Kerri Gooding

lions Club Barbados CentralThe Barbadian society has been the benefactor of the service provided by the Lions Club of Barbados Central for the past 32 years.

Under the motto ‘We serve’, the Lions Central Club has been doing precisely that, achieving their goal one individual, charity or community at a time. Through donations, contributions of time and effort, and community outreach, the Lions have been delivering service of the highest standard.

Since last year’s mid-year church service, this Lions Club has expanded their projects and programmes to include the hosting of their annual Language Arts quiz in the schools, sight and visual conservation, providing scholarship and prize awards, organising outreach and youth programmes and conducting life skill training, to name a few.

President, Jocelyn King said at this year’s mid-year service held at St. Barnabas Church that in 2012 the Lions will continue to serve under the theme, ‘Serving with Gratitude’.

In the future as the charitable organisation continues to grow from strength to strength, King pledged that they will seek to work with more members of the society who are underprivileged and less fortunate.

They will also proceed with providing assistance to children who require expensive medical treatment and forge bonds with more organisations such as the Thelma Vaughn Home, HIV/AIDS Food Bank and the Welfare Department, which they have partnered with in the past.

Sharing in the occasion for celebration were members and presidents of the sister Lion Clubs in Barbados. Lions Club of Barbados Central accepts that to serve is their ultimate goal and have plans to expand their reach even more to mitigate and satisfy the growing need which exists in the society.

The Lions Clubs of Barbados Celebrates 50 Years

TLions Club celebrates 50 yearshe Lions Clubs of Barbados are depending on Barbadians for their support as this organisation continues to work for the good of the community.

That reminder came from Lions District Governor of Sub District 60 B, Lloyd Barker who was speaking yesterday morning at the Lions Club of Bridgetown’s 50th anniversary church service at the James Street Methodist Church, James Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael.

“The Lions Clubs are depending on you for all the assistance you can give. When you see us coming around for donations, doing fundraisers and so on, we do it for the good of the community,” said Barker.

He said that the Lions Clubs foremost contribution was towards the preservation of sight but over the years, it has been extended to include other humanitarian efforts that render assistance to the less fortunate.

Barker added that the Lions Clubs have been assisting those who need it most including persons overseas in Haiti, Japan and St. Lucia who were impacted by natural disasters in recent times.
He noted that the Lions Club of Bridgetown, then called the Lions Club of Barbados, was the first to be chartered in Barbados in 1961.

Currently, there are eight Lions Clubs and two Leo Clubs in Barbados and in the District, 61 Lions Clubs with 2 000 members and 40 Leo Clubs.

In his sermon, Rev. Colton Bennett who has been a Lion for 45 years implored those in attendance to be imitators of Christ.

Rev. Bennett said the church and organisations such as the Lions “are not places for prima donnas. When you do things and you don’t get praise, you should not sulk and walk away. You should not be looking for prestige or doing it for thanks.”

He said that persons should serve the community in humility whether it is in the church, clubs or in any other capacity.

The reverend recognised many stalwarts of the Lions who have passed on and others who are present today. He stressed that they are serving not necessarily for thanks or glory but because God wants us to use our talents and gifts.

The Lions Club of Bridgetown also presented a donation to the church at the service. (AR)