Lions Club conducts vision screening at OakPark Pre-schools

Jackson TWP, Ohio —

The Jackson Township Lions Club, in cooperation with OakPark Pre-schools in Jackson Township, Massillon and Waynesburg, offered a free eye screening of the children at these facilities.  Eye exams of children under the age of 6 years old are often not done.

The KidSight Project used in conjunction with the Ohio Lions Melvin Jones 13D Eye Care Foundation provides a simple non-invasive photographic system that over comes the verbal abilities of that age child.

KidSight screening provides instant photographs of the child’s eye pupils to determine eye disorders when later read by a trained individual. This screening is rated a 85-to-90 percent effective in detecting problems that can cause decreases in vision. This screening may detect the presence of such eye disorders as far and nearsightedness, amblyopic (lazy eye), media opacities (i.e. cataracts), etc. A full eye exam with an eye doctor will be recommended if these vision problems are found in this screening.

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