Ironton Ohio Lions Club shows spirit of civic group

ironton Ohio LionsClubIt would have been easy to just pack it up and call it quits. No one would have blamed the members of the Ironton Lions Club if they simply said they had had enough after vandals did more than $10,000 worth of damage to the Haunted Tunnel.

Instead, the volunteers with the small civic organization that has only a couple of dozen active members rose to the challenge because the need was too great.

Without the Haunted Tunnel and the money that it generates, the organization simply would not be able to support the numerous community projects it undertakes, including the largest of which is sponsoring a service dog for a man or woman who is vision impaired.

The Lions members simply would not quit, rallying to rebuild the tunnel — and making it better than ever — and continuing the tradition that is nearing two decades.

For their commitment and dedication, we recognize the civic club with this weeks “Good News, Good Neighbors” spotlight.