From the King Lion’s notebook 02.03.12

We just had a great spouse’s night out yesterday (Thursday) Thanks to Jack Miller and his committee for a great evening with a group called: The Isaacs performing at the Hartville Kitchen. A very spiritual family, performing both gospel and blue grass music. Very exciting musical evening enjoyed by all.





John Birk and his committee have just released details on this year’s Uniontown Lions sponsored Bus Trips. The first one is scheduled April 21-27 to Nashville Tennessee. Many attractions on the way like: Opryland, Ashville and Charlotte. This is promises to be a great ‘Spring Break’ trip. The second trip for 2012 is scheduled for Niagara Fall Ontario, September 30-October 6, 2012. Many attractions of interest on the way including: Toronto, Lake George, Ottawa, Lake Placid, Maid of the Mist, casinos, CN Tower to name just a few.

Interested? Contact John Birk: 330.699.2333

That’s it for now
King Lion Gary