Crozet Lion’s Club Donation Helps Visually Impaired Readers

by Ruth Morton

crozet+lions1A local chapter of the Lion’s Club made a donation to help all people have the opportunity to read.

The Crozet Lion’s Club presented representatives from the new Crozet Library and Jefferson-Madison Regional Library system with checks totaling $12,000.

The group held a pancake dinner, received a grant from the Lions of Virginia Foundation, and members personally donated money to make the sum.

The club gave the money to the library’s visually impaired section for such purchases as large print books and audio books.

“We wanted to create a section of the library especially for people with visual impairments,” said Rebecca White, Vice President of the Crozet Lion’s Club.

The special mission of the Lions Club International is to serve people with sight and hearing challenges. White said this mission fit the donation.

“Part of our core mission is to support people with visual impairments. And so, when the Crozet Library became a reality, we thought what a great match it would be to raise funds earmarked for the large print section of the Crozet Library,” said White.

Crozet branch President Karl Pomeroy spoke, along with John Halliday, the JMRL Library Director, and Bill Schrader, the chairman of Friends of the JMRL Library Fundraising Committee.

“Everybody up front holding the big check was excited and then everybody in the club was excited to be a part of this,” said White.