Club Projects

The Uniontown Lions Club has supported a number of community charities and projects over the decades. In the last year alone our club has contributed over $15,000 to various charities and projects, most of which were local. The list below gives some idea of the charities and community projects we support:

  • Uniontown Community Park -Our club bought the land and financed the building of the Park Building, and continues to provide annual financial support for the park. Recent projects the club has supported include the new Gazebo and new Playgraound Equipment,  the new community facility building, and a project to greatly improve the acoustics in the Park Building.
  • Eyeglasses & Eye Exams– Our club (through the Greater Akron Lions Eyecare Program) provides access to free eye exams and eyeglasses for those who cannot otherwise afford them.
  • Christmas Baskets – Uniontown Lions sends money through Lake School to provide food at Christmas to needy families in our community. This annual club tradition originally started as actual baskets of food, and the name has stuck.
  • Pilot Dogs – We financially help support the District 13-D Pilot Dogs program, which provides seeing eye dogs to the blind.
  • Lake Local Schools -Our club has supported our Lake Local Schools over the years, and also contributed to the Lake 1-2-3-4 program. In a joint program with the Hartville Lions Club, we now provide college scholarships for select Lake students, as well as recognize students, teachers and staff of the month at Lake School Board meetings.
  • Ohio Lions Foundation– The Foundation supports charitable activities sponsored by the Lions of Ohio.
  • Lions Club International Foundation – LCIF is a global charitable arm of Lions International, providing grants to Lions Clubs to enable them to answer needs in their communities, as well as supporting major Lions projects such as SightFirst, an aggressive global blindness prevention program.

In addition to our financial contributions listed above, the Uniontown Lions Club members provide their time and talents to support a number of local projects, such as:

  • ODOT Adopt-A-Highway – Uniontown Lions regularly clean litter along Route 619 between the Stark County line on the west to approximately 1/4 mile east of Mogadore Road.
  • Used Eyeglass Collection – Using distinctive collection boxes, the Club collects used eyeglasses. The glasses are analyzed, then made available to the needy worldwide to solve vision defects. Contact any Lions Club member if you have used eyeglasses you wish to donate, or click on the  link to find out the local drop-off locations. We also process the used eyeglasses that are collected, so they are ready to go. In the 2001-2002 Lions year we processed about 6000 glasses that have gone to Haiti, Honduras and Guatemala.
  • Uniontown Community Park– Club members regularly volunteer their time to maintain and improve the Uniontown Community Park.