Ada Lions Club Punkin chunkin

Ada ohio lions clubAda, Ohio — As Ada, Ohio celebrates its’ 25th Annual Harvest and Herb Festival, one recent addition to the fun, is getting lots of attention.

It’s the relatively new sport of Punkin’ Chunkin’.

One might wonder what motivates grown men to build catapults, or as they ‘re properly called “trebuchets”.

They’re built with one purpose in mind, to launch a pumpkin further than anybody else.

Ada Mayor Dave Retterer, who is also a professor of math and computer science at Ohio Northern University, is part of “Team Agent Orange”.

With his educational background, you might expect their team’s contraption was designed on a super-computer and was tested in a highly scientific environment, but that wasn’t the case.

They just sort of winged it.

Agent Orange teammate Winn Hauenstein says the event is the result of an escalating competitive spirit.

Last year they lost and they wanted the bragging rights back.

The Punkin’ Chunkin’ competition is now in its third year.

This year’s competition pitted Team Agent Orange against the Ada Lions Club.

Team Agent Orange completely decimated the Ada Lions Club after launching their pumpkins over the fence three times, with the longest throw of more than 550 feet.